Cables are very often over looked when it comes to connecting your system. Cables provide critical bandwidth for the data transfer required in High Resolution & Ultra HD digital systems. So if you’re experiencing issues with audio, video or both then why not start by simply checking your cables. Give them both a physical & visual inspection, then if they seem OK re-connect, test then neatly manage using some Velcro to keep everything in order and relive pressure from the connection points.

Audioquest is the market leader, providing cabling and interconnect solutions for every budget. If you have a high-end system or something more modest like connecting a Blu-ray player, Audioquest have a solution. (Audioquest 3M HDMI PEARL RRP is $70.00 and is rated @ 18Gbps 4K/60p, 4K/3D when used with HDMI 2.0 electronics)

Due to their outstanding product range, high quality build, finish and price points offered make Audioquest the right choice for every system. Please contact us today for product advice and availability.  If the product you require is not in stock, delivery is typically overnight plus one additional day to our Sunshine Coast Showroom.